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Macro FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Web API, Grid API and Macro API?

Web API allows your program, written in any programming language including JavaScript, to retrieve data from EditGrid and issue commands to EditGrid. The session key is part of your application. By making your spreadsheet private, you can allow only certain paths of access to your spreadsheet.

Grid API allows you to include the RTU Grid as a widget in your website and write JavaScript code to achieve custom behaviors in the RTU Grid.

Macro allows you to write JavaScript code to run in the RTU Grid at http://www.editgrid.com. This ensures every visitor of the spreadsheet (with write permission) will run the code. To write macros, you use both Macro API and Grid API.

What is EditGrid Macro?

EditGrid Macro is framework that allows adding custom features to spreadsheets, such as working with the spreadsheet data and user interface. Macro code are written in JavaScript that will be executed in the browser.

How do I start writing a macro?

Macros are written in JavaScript. Since JavaScript is the most popular language on World Wide Web, there are many resources over the web that talks about JavaScript.

Who can add macro to a spreadsheet?

Everybody who has write permission to a spreadsheet can add Macros to the spreadsheet.

Can I write Excel VBA?

No, you cannot. EditGrid Macro supports JavaScript only. You can re-write an Excel Macro into an EditGrid Macro that achieves similar result. Since EditGrid Macros have a different paradigm (executed in the browser, instead of together with the spreadsheet), there are some fundamental differences between EditGrid Macro and Excel Macro that you will gradually learn about when you do the re-write.

Is it secure? Are there any security concerns?

EditGrid Macro inherits your (write) permissions with the spreadsheet. As a result, you can assume that a macro can do anything to your spreadsheet (which unfortunately includes deleting all the data). As a result, you should only run macros that you write, or are developed by someone who you trust.

Can I use other JavaScript frameworks such as Dojo or Prototype?

We don't provide any formal ways to include other JavaScript frameworks at the moment. We are planning support this in a future release.

Can I share my macros with other workbooks and other users?

Yes. When you first create a macro it resides in the workbook where you created it. In order to share your macro you can publish it to the Macro Library. The Macro Library lists your published macros by default. You can also select "All Macros" to view and install published macros by all EditGrid users.

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