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EditGrid Integration Opportunities

EditGrid, featuring the RTU Grid which incorporates Real-Time-Update, not only reproduces Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice.org experience through a browser, but also enables universal access, sophisticated sharing, and seamless collaboration capabilities. While EditGrid's spreadsheet core resides on our servers (Standard Licensing also available), multiple options are available to allow applications integrate and extend EditGrid to fit your specific needs.

Grid Enhancement and Embedding

Make use of the RTU Grid to its greatest extent. Get your task done within minutes.

Application Integration

Leverage EditGrid to develop your application. Push and pull data on demand.

Instant Export

Data entry through EditGrid, but data are pulled elsewhere for analysis and reporting.

If you write your own application that wants to access and/or modify spreadsheet data, you can call the Web API, using either REST or SOAP. With a few calls, you can start accessing EditGrid like a web service.

See the Web API Guide for a quick start, and the Web API Reference for the details.

If you have a Remote Grid, you can write some JavaScript calls to interact with the RTU Grid. You can easily interact with data in the grid, add new features to the grid, and write code that reacts to real-time data updates.

See the Grid API Guide for a quick start, and the Grid API Reference for the details.

If you want to add "Grid API" code to the RTU Grid hosted on our website, you can write Macros. Macros are event driven — you define event listeners which are attached to spreadsheet changes and user interactions. You can also create toolboxes which display extra content.

See the Macro API Guide for a quick start, and the Macro API Reference for the details.

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